XShell profile/session backup

XShell from NetSarang is a great SSH client that we use. Even one awhile, you might wanna back up all the saved profiles.

The profiles are actually located at: %user_profile%\%username%\AppData\Roaming\NetSarang\Xshell. For example, C:\Users\johnny\AppData\Roaming\NetSarang\Xshell.

You can just copy the directory to where you want to back it up. You can also create sub-directories if you want to manage them a bit.


開發網路電視 Panasonic不採用Android系統

Bloomberg報導,日本電子大廠 Panasonic (6752-JP) 高層表示,由於成本過高,公司生產的網路電視決定不採用 Google (GOOG-US) Android 作業系統。

積極推廣 Android 作為網路電視平台的 Google,嘗試與 Panasonic 合作卻遇挫。

Panasonic Consumer Electronics Co. 資深副總派瑞 (Robert Perry) 說,Android 雖是免費,卻需要價格不斐的技術來支援,包括英特爾的高價晶片。

Panasonic Consumer Electronics 是 Panasonic 的美國子公司。

派瑞周二出席舊金山召開 3D 技術發表會,他會後表示,Android 平台「須利用晶片的處理能力,將增加成本負擔」。

將網路導入家庭娛樂產品漸成趨勢,Panasonic、三星電子 (005930-KR)、索尼 (6758-JP) 等電視製造商今年均計畫推出相關產品。

根據日前報導,Google 與英特爾正攜手開發「Google TV」平台,讓用戶可透過電視來上網。消息人士透露,索尼也參與了該平台開發計劃。

全球第4大電視製造廠的 Panasonic,則選擇自行研發網路軟體,透過自家的伺服器傳送網路內容。

Google Testing TV Internet Search

The experiment could determine whether TV viewers would favor Web-like searches over the use of remote control searches.

By W. David Gardner
March 10, 2010 11:00 PM

Google and Dish Network are testing a search service that would enable users to find video content on conventional TV and on the Internet, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The test, which uses Google’s Android software, could determine whether TV viewers would favor Web-like searches over the use of remote control searches, which usually involve the use of menus and much clicking around via a TV’s remote control. The test is said to be restricted to a small number of set-top boxes in the hands of Google employees.

The experiment is another indication that a wide range of companies is seeking to take advantage of the emerging convergence of TV and Internet video offerings. Google and Dish Network officials have declined to discuss the test publically. Google’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, however, has suggested that Android technology could be used by TV hardware manufacturers.

“It makes sense that people would use Android as an operating system for set-top boxes, buddy boxes and TVs," he said, according to published reports. “All of those ideas have been proposed by our partners."

Two years ago, Google teamed up with satellite TV provider Dish Network to test the automation of ad buying, delivery sales, and metrics to study how TV search and advertising operate. At the time Schmidt said that test was important because Google said it believed it could add value to TV by delivering more relevant ads to viewers.

The 2007 experiment was also meant to test the waters by providing better accountability for advertisers and to better monetize inventory for TV operators and programmers.

Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division created the Mediaroom solution powering 4 million telco IPTV set-top boxes. It is also home to Xbox 360 with over 30 million consoles sold with more foc…