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Undelete in Linux (ext3 file system)

I accidentally wide out my 200 and some gigabytes of mp3 (again) by rsync’ing between bad disk. Luckily I found this undelete program and recover most of them.

Also check out this great article if you’re techie:


ext3 undelete

I almost lose my 200G mp3 again by acsendiently

If you upgrade to Lion from Snow Leopard + Win7 bootcamp, you might find that you can’t download new bootcamp 4.0 from Bootcamp Assistant. The way I go around it is by downloading it from Apple’s CDN:

  1. Download Bootcamp 4.0 Drivers, here’s a link on some Apple CDN for the .pkg file containing the drivers (603MB):
  2. Open this file with 7Zip in Windows, and go through a few layers to extract BootCampESD.pkg\Payload\Payload~\.\Library\Application Support\BootCamp\WindowsSupport.dmg\0.Apple_ISO
  3. Rename the file from 0.Apple_ISO to BootCamp4.iso
  4. Extract the iso with 7Zip to a folder.
  5. Open command prompt and navigate to the extracted folder, for example:
    cd WindowsSupport\Drivers\Apple
  6. From the prompt in that folder, run msiexec /i BootCamp64.msi